Birdman Goes Off Road with Subaru

“In the summer of 2013 we were asked to find private roads for an NDA car project. Producer Vann Friesen of Zephyr Productions was in search of paved and dirt or gravel roads for a couple of Subaru models yet to be seen by the general public. Luckily, Marin and Sonoma counties have some beautiful and expansive ranch lands. Over the years we have developed really strong relationships with these types of properties. A shoot like this is not right for every location. In the production world, we refer to the style of driving seen in these commercials as “spirited driving.” We were able to secure 2 properties where the vehicles could perform to their maximum capacities both on and off road. As car enthusiasts, Matt and I are always excited about car shoots, especially when “spirited driving” is involved! Have a look at these 2 exhilarating Subaru commercials and some of our scouting images from this project!”

Click on this link to view the commercial!