Comments from Guests


My wife and I just spent the greatest 5 days of our lives here on the Ranch, getting married and staying with our closest family and friends. Sam & Shannon made this weekend extra special for us in so many ways. Every single person that was with us had the BEST times and could not stop commenting on the beauty and fun that is Anvil Ranch! The two of us will cherish our beginning here for the rest of our lives, and will definitely be back soon! With much gratitude, Brian & Ashley

Sam and Shannon are the best! Great pizzas, gorgeous setting. Really a great wedding time! -Judy

Dear Sam & Shannon, This house is a treasure. It was wonderful to meet you all (Princess is truly an amazing dog). I couldn’t imagine a more serene location to connect with our teammates and to disconnect from the life race. I hope we’ll be back again in the future. Thank you all so much! -Science Exchange

We enjoyed the stay a lot and thank particularly the caretakers, who have been very helpful and welcoming! -S. King

Thanks Shannon & Sam! We had a great 60th birthday celebration for my husband and Florida & Indiana friends! -Terry

Thank you for being awesome hosts. It’s very clear that many details and much work goes into taking care of this place and preparing our rooms. Thank you for sharing this place! -Estrella

The beauty of this place, and the warmth of the hospitality made this trip so perfect. I’ll never forget the time we had here and I’m so thankful Anvil Ranch is here. -Scott

Thank you Anvil Ranch for accommodating 40 women for Heather’s 40th birthday. We ate, drank, danced, sang, sat on the lawn, hiked, got lost, found and lost again. This place rocks for a weekend. We will be back!

Thank you! We had a great time at the ol’ ranch. Us Chicago city folk, right at home, on 12,500 acres. -Arthur

This place is amazing! Thank you so much for having us. We’re so excited to go exploring in this magical place. -Eric

Shannon and Sam, you are such delightful hosts. All of us feel so welcomed and loved. Thanks for the special days. We liked the Christmas tree that came in from the hillside. -Jack and Bonnie

My dad had an amazing 50th birthday! Thanks for helping provide such unforgettably beautiful memories! This place is so beautiful I am going to base a setting in one of my books off of it!

Thank you for everything! We seriously had the best time! This ranch made our wedding weekend the most magical 3 days of our lives. So magical that we’re definitely coming back! Thank you for taking every hiccup in stride and helping us figure things out. Most importantly, thank you for making my vision of hanging lights, handmade garlands, and about a thousand pompoms come to life. -Anjelika & David

My parents had an amazing wedding! Thank you for helping us! Princess (the dog) is such a good dog; I LOVE her! -Evie (9 yrs. old)

Thank you so much for helping us create such a beautiful experience. I look forward to coming back soon. -Monique

This Ranch will forever be a part of my memory! Thank you for your hospitality. I truly appreciate it! This Ranch is beautiful and should continue to be shared with all the wonderful people in the world! -Ray

Wow! What a beautiful ranch! Thank you for providing such a peaceful and serene space for our event. It is so beautiful to be able to be away from the busy city and to be in touch with nature. We created many wonderful memories here and look forward to coming back soon. Many thanks! -Jennifer

This place is amazing! Words do not express the gratitude that I feel as a result of this place. Thank you to everyone who shared this journey with me and contributed to every aspect. -Sharon

Thank you for this gorgeous serene oasis in beautiful CA. My experience here has been priceless. Thank you for all that you do. -Michelle

Thank you for providing such a beautiful place for me to connect with my closest friends. The view is something I will cherish in my heart and our memories will last forever. The space is so peaceful and welcoming. I really appreciate the effort and upkeep and making it available to me. -Peace & love, Robin.

This place is where I left some of my best memories with some of the most amazing people in my life. I was very fortunate to have been here! -Phi

Sam/Shannon, Thank you for being part of our wedding – we will always remember the hospitality and kindness you showed our family and friends. This is a beautiful and truly magical place, and we feel so lucky to keep it in our memories. -Jayshree & Nishu

A fabulous location, the views are spectacular, the accommodations are comfortable – – – All in all, a very relaxing experience.  -Doug

Thank you so much for having us. It is absolutely beautiful out here. I had one of the best weekends of my life here! Thanks again for everything! -Charlotte

Thank you so much for allowing us to stay in your beautiful home. The scenery is breathtaking, and the experiences we had are truly unforgettable. I will always remember the rolling hills. -Rosa

We cannot thank you enough for ALL you do I creating such an amazing weekend party getaway. The houses and scenery are spectacular. Thank you for sharing this beautiful environment. We will be back. -Sharon

Our group of friends arrived for our annual Fusion retreat where we help each other set personal and professional goals for the coming year. What a stunning and warm setting! We loved the house and all the great gathering spaces. The valley, vineyard, and lake made for incredible hiking destinations. Watching the gorgeous moon and stars from the hot tub at midnight was certainly a peak experience. We hope to come back again soon! -Iveta

We don’t even have words. Experience of being here and being married in the Circle of Nature was deeply spiritual and intimate. Our dreams were exceeded in every way. This place is magic! -Chris & Rebecca

Thanks for providing such an incredible space. We had an epic company retreat! -Jeff

Everything about your ranch is perfect – you have created an amazing hidden treasure here and we are so lucky to have discovered it! Thank you SO much for a truly wonderful, happy, and inspiring stay! -Jana