Will the Ranch accommodate all of my guests?

Our max is 150 guests for the ceremony, reception, and dancing, and up to forty-seven overnight guests.

Where do guests who are not spending the night at the Ranch stay?

Guests not staying on the property usually stay in Healdsburg (about an hour east of the ranch, off of Hwy 101). Sometimes guests will stay in Sea Ranch or Gualala (an hour west of the ranch, off of Hwy 1), along the coast. Most couples rent shuttle vans/buses to pick up their guests, bring them to the ranch, and take them back after the wedding celebration. We do not recommend that guests drive back in the dark, because of the windy road.

How much parking is available?

We have 20 parking spaces next to the Main House. An additional 15 cars can park at the ceremony site in the back. Another 40 overflow parking spaces are available ¼ mile away.

Is there a noise curfew?

We have no noise restrictions! We are the only wedding venue that we know of in Sonoma County that does not have a curfew on music or noise. Many other venues require music to end at 9 PM or 10 PM.

Where can guests dance?

The best place for dancing is in the middle courtyard, with beautiful stringed lights overhead. The band or DJ tucks in at one end, and your guests can easily stroll to the lawn or to the bar for a breather and a refreshment. One bit of advice: it is highly recommended to rent a dance floor, as the original rough-hewn flagstone can be a bit uneven for dancing.

Do you provide any rentals?

Yes, we have a variety of rentals, please inquire.

Can we bring in our own caterer?

We have exceptional caterers on our recommended vendor list. We do prefer that you choose from one of these caterers, because they have proven to be excellent. They have high quality service and food, and we know the day will run smoothly. They will also provide a  professional bartender(s).

Can we visit the site with our vendors before the event?

Yes. Since we are a private, gated facility and a facility representative must be here for all visits, we ask that you arrange for a site visit, if possible, at least a month before the event date.

Can we bring in our own wine/alcohol?

Yes. There is no corkage fee! Make sure to bring ice lots of ice, too! We are an hour away from the nearest supermarket.

Can we decorate?

Yes. Decorating is allowed as long as no damage is done (no nails, glue guns, staple guns, etc.). No tape on the interior walls. All decorations must be removed immediately following the event.

Will someone be there to admit the vendors?

Yes, there will be a facility representative here the day of the event. We will accept rental deliveries the day, or even a couple days before. It is up to the event holder/planner to arrange for scheduling.

Do you require us to have a Wedding Planner?

Yes. To insure that your day goes as planned, a professional Wedding Planner, or at least a professional Day-of-Coordinator, is required for all weddings.

Who is responsible for cleanup after the event?

The Wedding Planner needs to coordinate with vendors to determine who is responsible for what. The rentals need to be accounted for at the end of the event, including tear-down of tables and chairs. The facility grounds need to be in the same condition when you leave as it was when you arrived.

What is considered an extra?

An extra is any service (set up, clean up, etc.) that we provide that is not outlined in our contract and will be deducted from the deposit and/or billed.

How soon must we reserve the facility? What are the deposit and terms?

Reserving dates is on a first come, first served basis. The non-refundable reservation deposit is $1,500. The balance plus a damage deposit check is due one month before the event. The damage deposit is refunded 15 days after the event, less any fees for additional services provided or damages from the event.

What are the cancellation policies?

Because our guests typically book a year or more in advance, it is very difficult for us to re-book openings caused by cancellations. For that reason we have a non-refundable reservation deposit of $1,500. To protect your commitment, we strongly recommend that you take out vacation insurance.

What are the fees and what do they include?

For weddings/events, May through October, we charge a standard event fee (with a maximum of 150 guests) of $6,500. November through April, we charge a discounted event fee of $4,500.